Hockley Hustle 2010

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Hockley Hustle
The Hockley Hustle is an annual event in Nottingham, in the East Midlands of the UK, highlighting mostly local acts playing for free to raise money for Charities; local, national and international. Last year they raised around £21,000 for good causes. It started in Hockley, but now has spread to include almost all of the music venues in Nottingham.

This year was the first time we (The Morrison Clan) have attended en mass. We were there on the Sunday, which was the third day of the festival, some of us nursing slightly sore heads after the Podcrawl in Sheffield the day before.

@iruk @mrsiruk and @sarahcm met up with @melrambles for coffee before heading to the first venue, Lee Rosy’s, where we saw Marc Reeves and his slightly melancholic acoustic set, punctuated by his phone going off in the middle of a song. Very distracting for him, as it was on vibrate, in his pocket.

After that, in search of noisier fare we dropped in at the Pit and Pendulum (a serious goth pub, with a black/red motif, chains everywhere, dark as night) and in the basement caught Rescued by Wolves – not obviously a goth band, more an instrumental post rock act, with some math rock elements. A very good short set. Its great at this sort of event to see a band you’ve never heard of, who are really good.

Marc Reeves Rescued by Wolves

Then a short stroll to Le Gitane to see the wonderfully named Undercats for a half hour of world jazz, followed by Maniere Des Bohemians with a fantastic set of gypsy jazz. The six piece band of three guitars, double bass and accordion, are fronted by Rob on violin. Pay attention, Rob will feature again in this article.

The Undercats Maniere Des Bohemians

Then we headed to Dogma, where we caught the end of Rugged Sound System‘s set, and got sufficiently funked up. Following them was Nina Smith, one to watch, and the aforementioned Rob was playing keys on the first song before heading off to another gig. @sarahcm left us for half an hour to catch a glimpse of brand new upstarts BigMono, who were playing their first ever gig at Edin’s. Reports say that they were like a stripped down Radiohead with vocals from frontman Ash that were so strong they could punch right through you. Looking forward to hearing much more from this promising group. Then back at Dogma we all saw the outrageous Dick Venom and the Terrortones with around 40 minutes of insanely tight psychobilly. This was followed by seeing the beginning of the set by Will Jefferey, a singer songwriter who I actually liked (not my favourite genre).

Nina Smith Dick Venom and the Terrortones

In search of sustenance, we settled on Cape, a South African themed pub which does great food. After pizzas and fish and chips we heard music from upstairs, and ascended to find Jimmy The Squirrel playing their kind of ska and reggae. I’m glad it was too dark for photography, because your correspondent was witnessed dancing along to the ska numbers. Not a pretty sight.

Then back up the hill to Broadway where we caught the last act of our night, the awesome Captain Dangerous. This was a huge lineup, the normal five piece band augmented by a four piece string section, lead by, guess who? Rob from Maniere Des Bohemians, doing his eighth gig of the day, with the fifth of the bands he is in. They rocked the Broadway, which was packed with their fans.  @sarahcm took some of the heat off me and my earlier behaviour by dancing like an idiot at the front!

Jimmy the Squirrel Captain Dangerous

So ten bands in an afternoon/evening for £8 and all for charity. A great day out.