Amodus: Artist Profile

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Finding Foundry Road (featured on IR: Australia episode 7) led to another local (to Erk) band, Amodus. They are a 4 piece progressive/hard rock band from Sydney who are in the process of finishing their debut album. Their lineup has been a talking point with punters at their gigs around town with an all female instrumental lineup (Rose on guitar, Melina on bass & Sarah on drums) fronted by vocalist Michael.

Because of their friendship and how they found Insomnia Radio: Australia, comparisons between Amodus & Foundry Road are inevitable.  Out of the two based on what he has heard, Foundry Road are heavier to Erk’s ears. The vocals and the instruments on Amodus’ songs are hard rocking so both bands on the one bill is a good mix, especially if you are not heavily into metal. Listening to Amodus would be the start of a good night’s music. Amodus were featured on episode 8 of Insomnia Radio: Australia and Erk saw them live at the end of October 2010. See if his opinion of the band changed in his live review.