Simplifires: When the Mud Slides

Simplifires’ Twitter bio identifies them as Mexican Irish rock band, although they did unfortunately have to group this with a disclaimer that the lyrics are in English, due to traditional pigeonholers possibly.

Therein lies part of the beauty of this Mexico City based band.  They create transcendent harmonies and rhythms that undoubtedly are well received wherever they tour and as far as their sphere of distribution reaches. The group sent me the new Flavour of Being EP a few months back via Twitter, and sadly I just got around to absorbing it due to a move of residence. Its definitely a tour de force which will land get them some more widespread exposure as it continues to rapidly make its way through the world by positive word of mouth.  

In addition to hearing ‘When the Mud Slides’ keep checking back as you’ll be hearing a few more tracks from this stellar release around the network.


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