Danielle DeLaite: Artist Profile

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Danielle DeLaite was first featured on episode 6 of Insomnia Radio: Australia. Her music can be described as R & B, pop and dance. She describes herself as being a  classy cocktail comprised of Kylie, Janet, and a splash of J-LO.

Originally living and growing up in the Wollongong & Kiama areas on the south coast of New South Wales, Danielle started performing at the age of 3. For her first performance, she sung and danced in front of a crowd of 750 people at a performance of On The Good Ship Lollypop. Since then, she continued to grow and learn as a performer due to participating in various performances, festivals, amateur theatre, dance academies, eisteddfods, competitions and receiving scholarships. She obtained a Performance Scholarship in Drama & Music to attend the Illawarra Grammar School.

Offered her first music contract at the age of 15, there was interest in Danielle over the next few years. As she learnt about the music industry, she decided that she wanted to maintain her own creative control of the process. Like many people in the music industry, she moved away from her home region making the trip up the Princes Highway to Sydney. She was able to perform in the busier Sydney gig market & festivals, attracting the attention of many people in the industry. Apart from her music, Danielle also moved into fashion modelling. Working with many people in both industries helped her development greatly.

Like so many young Australians looking to make a name for themselves, Danielle set her sights wider and headed overseas. Taking advantage of having both American & Australian parents, she was also to travel regularly to the US, singing at Disneyland in both LA and Florida. She also headed off to Cannes in France for the worldwide music conference Midem. She was signed to a French label but (like so many people), the Global Financial Crisis hit, appearances dried up and Danielle returned home to Australia. Now with her own independent label, Danielle is looking forward to having control of the whole process with opportunities in the US. Music was supplied by Ariel Publicity.