Bedford: Artist Profile

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Bedford were featured on Insomnia Radio: Australia episode 6. Hailing from Melbourne, Bedford rock and rock hard. Their tunes are radio friendly but are also hard enough to satisfy people who like harder rock. They may remind you of Matchbox 20, The Goo Goo Dolls & The Tea Party.

Frontman David Trimboli met up with guitarist Matt Miao through a mutual friend in Melbourne in 2002. The name of the band came to David because he had an old Bedford van. The band also likes the name because they like the old school vintage guitars and equipment. ¬†According to the band, their influences include¬†Pearl Jam, Aerosmith, The Partridge Family, Monkey Magic, Acid, Pink Floyd, The Tea Party, Sound Garden, U2, Cold Play, Lenny Kravitz, Bob Rock, Rick Rubin, Arnald Schwarzenegger, Richard Simmons…the list goes on.

Bedford won at the LA Music Awards in 2006 for their single I Am Alive. In 2008, they were awarded album of the year by Australian Internet Radio. Their first album is called Right Now and is available to purchase via the regular online music retailers. Bedford’s music was supplied to Insomnia Radio: Australia by Deuce Management & Promotion.