Lee Safar: Artist Profile

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Featuring on episode 5 of Insomnia Radio: Australia, Sydneysider Lee Safar has an interesting story. As a 17 year old school leaver, she was very interested in pursuing her interest in music but for cultural reasons, she was not able to. Walking away from something she loved, she left a group of musicians that she enjoyed being with. Over the next 12 years, she could not bear to even touch an instrument.

In 2003, Lee was contacted by a musician that she had played with as a 17 year old. During and after the conversation, she re-discovered her love for music. Sure, she had a university degree and a well paying corporate job, a house and a husband but it was her love of music that was over-powering. She went to a piano and started to write songs. Having played saxophone at school and never written songs or played piano before, it must have been a massive musical change in direction for her.

Working with a vocal coach, Lee eventually gave up her corporate job and started serving coffee to re-discover everyday people. She found inspiration from the people around her and people started listening to and being moved by her songs. After re-building her confidence musically, Lee recorded a demo and started to perform around Sydney on a weekly basis. In 2008, she traveled to Chicago, LA & London to learn more about music and life. The trip must have agreed with her because in 2009, her song I’m Here was slated for possible inclusion on the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack.

With an EP available called “Who I’ve Become”, Lee will be recording a full length album in Alabama during 2010. She also produces a self-help podcast called Dream Angel which is aimed at people who want to live their dreams. Lee Safar is a great example about what can happen when you live your dreams.