Brother Dege: The Girl Who Wept Stones

Get ready for some raw dirt, railroad pounding, swamp-fried, Louisiana-meets-the-Mekong Delta blues music. This ain’t no cowboy chording blues cheese. This is the REAL shit. Dege Legg, the Cajun born and Louisiana raised leader of the band Santeria, is currently in the studio mixing his much anticipated ‘slide/Dobro record’ with 4x Grammy-winning producer Tony Daigle (Dr. John, Sonny Landreth, Gatemouth Brown, Bobby Charles, etc) and Primo.

Legg composed ten original tunes in the slide-Delta tradition, painstakingly paying tribute to the old masters while tossing all purist, karaoke-like tendencies to the wind. Think Son House meets Lenard Cohen at hoodoo séance in the swamps.

Much like the field recordings of Alan Lomax, the record tunnels into the ancient mysteries of pre-war blues and the devil-obsessed masters. Recorded in sheds, old houses, and open fields for maximum intensity. There’s minimal instrumentation on this thing. In a return to the unprocessed basics, almost all of the tracks feature only one vocal, one slide guitar, and one foot stomping. That’s it. Listeners are in for a treat when they hear how the music sounds, writhing about in the echo chamber of reality when stripped of all the studio trickery of the past decade. [bio]


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