Beaches: Artist Profile

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Beaches are a all-female 5 piece band from Melbourne, Victoria. They describe themselves as a garage/tropical/psychedelic band which were featured on Insomnia Radio: Australia episode 4.

Unusually, all 5 women do vocals in conjunction with their instruments of choice. Originally formed as 5 friends jamming together for enjoyment, it took 9 months of occasional jamming together before their first show together in October 2007. Since those humble beginnings, Beaches have a loyal following with their fans who enjoy their style of music which has a wide range of influences ranging from 1960s hit parades to 1970s psychedelia, shoegaze to progressive southern boogie to krautrock. Yet Beaches transcend their influences to create something wholly new.

Inside Australia, they have played at Festivals such as All Tomorrow Parties, Big Day Out, Laneway Festival, Melbourne International Arts Festival and Meredith Music Festival. In 2010, Beaches journeyed to the US and performed at the major music showcase SXSW to good reviews. They also performed at several shows on both the west & east coasts of America while they were there in addition to shows in Texas.