Red Drapes: Reflection

Red Drapes are a four-piece band currently situated in London, England. Their melancholic sound and strong lyrical emphasis takes influence from post punk and new wave bands of the 80’s, The Smiths, Joy Division, Echo & The Bunnymen and The Cure.

Immersing themselves in the metropolis ideal of London, Red Drapes began to create melodious portraits of lovelorn places and their inhabitants. Thoughts that were once harboured in small city life were now given a release, made apparent in early demos. People, the self, and the romanticised notion of cities failing are all subject matters and lyrical stimulus. Themes of isolation, banality and unhappiness can be felt in ‘Reflection’ and ‘Dirty windows’, whilst ‘Hush now the dockyard’ sees them write a love letter to old industries failing to function as they did in their previous light.

Red drapes are currently recording further demos with producer Laurie Latham (echo & the Bunnymen). Their EP released in late April, and the rest of 2010 will see the band continue with live shows throughout the year in the UK and overseas. [bio]


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