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Insomnia Radio Portugal: Episode #3

This show is released in the week that Portugal celebrates the national day. The story of this day goes back to 10h of June 1580. You will learn something about this day on the show, also celebrated over the world by the Portuguese communities. More about the 10th of June in Portugal here and find the great Portuguese poet Luís Camões here.

Also, learn in this show how to say the letter “u” with the Portuguese azorian accent and the Portuguese mainland accent.

As for the music, here it is:

1: Mr. Smith – Over the Rainbow http://www.myspace.com/mistersmithmusic

2: Deep Sleep – Video Girls http://www.deepsleepmusic.com

3: oLudo – Minha Grande Culpa http://www.myspace.com/oludo

4: You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown – Little Beam http://www.myspace.com/youcantwincharlieb (free mp3 here)

5: Feromona – Salvagem Tosco http://feromona.net



Make sure to look for the artists you are listening in your favourite store, or their site store, as you can always leave a comment in the podcast site, or send it to portugal@insomniaradio.net