The Good Ship: Artist Profile

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Sailing out of Brisbane (aka BrisVegas), The Good Ship were featured on episode 3 of Insomnia Radio: Australia.

Let’s get one thing straight: The Good Ship is a very bad ship.

They call a bunch of crows a ‘murder’. Seems appropriate to apply that title to this group of songwriters who’ve come together to deliver a collection of songs that chart some dark and dangerous waters. Early on a fan coined the term “smut pirate” to describe their music, and not since the Blue Grassy Knoll has there been such a mangy, cross-bred collection of influences, from gypsy to bush-band via cabaret, country and rock.

Drawing inspiration from fellow denizens of the deep like Nick Cave and Tom Waits, their tunes explore the seedier side of humanity and aren’t ashamed to undertake extended journeys into the gutter. In the world of the Good Ship it’s the good stuff that sinks to the bottom…

Since forming only months ago, their rousing live shows have seen them regularly pack out the Joynt, the Troubadour and Rics, and quickly snag a strong fan base, scoring some sought-after supports, veering from JJJ favourites Skipping Girl Vinegar, to Mick Thomas (Weddings, Parties, Anything) to Sydney award winning duo Nick & Liesl. With their chuggalugging rhythm section complemented by an ever-evolving circus of fiddle, mandola, accordion, banjo, trumpet, triangle and lagerphone, the Good Ship can promise that no two shows will ever be the same.

The Good Ship steamed in Erk’s direction thanks to Will at Heapsaflash.