The Sour Notes: Do-ers & Say-ers

Since Austin, Texas band The Sour Notes first formed in 2007, they’ve gone through several line-up changes before settling on their current 6-person line-up that consists of some of the town’s most talented musicians. They just added Kelly Dewitt (Wild Fictions and Sterling Stitches) as their vocalist/key player and Erin Mikulenka on synths (Team Fabrication, This Microwave World). They also have a new drummer – Taylor Steinerg. But, amidst all these line-up changes, the band remains consistent in its vision, and has taken this opportunity to expand its sound far beyond what it had been previously.

“It’s Not Gonna Be Pretty” is the third full-length release from the hard working six-piece, which released in Jan. 2010. The band has already accomplished the ever-difficult task of winning over the critical eyes and ears of the musical haven of Austin, Texas, and are now pushing themselves into the national spotlight. [deus ex machina]


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