Connie Lansburg: Artist Profile

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Based in Melbourne, Connie Lansburg was Erk’s choice for the “non rock/pop” song for episode 1 of Insomnia Radio: Australia. She is a singer/songwriter who sings jazz and jazz/pop songs performing either solo or with a band behind her. Connie has noticed a reduction of venues in Melbourne who play live jazz with a full band behind the singer so she has created “Jazz and Shiraz” nights where she performs the jazz and you drink the Shiraz. Her theory is that if you go to a gig and you can hear drums or a guitarist but can not see them, you should go and see the management of the venue and complain. She thinks that if you can hear the drums, you should be able to see the drummer.

Connie regularly performs in Melbourne and is available for private functions. Her music is available from the regular online music retailers and was supplied to Erk to play by Ariel Publicity.