Horizon: Artist Profile

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Horizon were the second group to appear on IR: Australia. After a chance meeting in 2005, Horizon was born. With influences such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Bad Company, Alice Cooper, AC/DC, The Beatles, The Moody Blues, Foreigner, Audioslave, John Farnham and some of Australia’s best live musicians playing at live shows, you can expect to hear great things from the opening song. Horizon’s recently released debut album 33 turned into a double CD release after the band and the producers at Melbourne’s Armstrong Studios could not decide which tracks to leave out.  In a recent interview with Erk on his other music podcast Erk FM, singer/songwriter/producer Lee Bradshaw told Erk that it was a hard choice to decide which songs to leave out, so they left them all in.

Horizon’s shows are high energy, consisting of up to 15 songs per show. This requires a lot of physical and mental preparation, Lee told Erk. Crowds expect bands like Horizon to be hard rock all the way through the show.  Lee is currently based in Perth but is looking to move to Melbourne full time sometime in 2010.

The live lineup consists of Lee Bradshaw (singer), Richard Panaia (bass), Angus Burchall (drums –  John Farnham band), Stuart Fraser (guitar – Noiseworks/John Farnham band) and James Ryan (guitar – Vanessa Amorosi). That is some big name experience which you will hear for yourselves on Insomnia Radio: Australia episode 1.

The interview between Erk and Lee Bradshaw was originally recorded for Erk FM episode 71. Highlights of the interview can be heard on the Deuce Radio Show episode 54. This radio show is broadcast throughout the UK, US and Europe as well as being available via podcast. Horizon’s music was supplied by Deuce Management & Promotion and is available for music podcasters, online radio stations etc via AirPlay Direct.