Farewell Flight: Cruel

What’s not to like in a band with a lead song on Last.FM entitled ‘Lullaby for Insomniacs’? Well anyway, it takes at least a crate full of horse tranquilizers to put us to sleep here on the network, so we are continuing the daily onslaught with another great track called ‘Cruel’ in our 365 day barrage of eye opening indie pop. Here’s a bit of a short bio on FAREWELL FLIGHT from their ReverbNation page:

Farewell Flight is a four-man band from Central Pennsylvania that’s been around for only four years, but in that short time they’ve packed in 23 national tours and over 500 shows, coastline to coastline, in true DIY fashion, bringing their brand of indie-pop to anyone who will listen, from teenagers to grizzled dive bar alcoholics and everyone in between.

They strive to write songs soaked in honesty, which touch on themes of loneliness, hope, desperation, and ultimately– life. They’ll continue what has given them success and utmost happiness for the last few years–touring, writing songs, and trying to become as rich and famous as The Jonas Brothers.


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