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Episode 1: Insomnia Radio Chicago Reboots!

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It’s finally happened, we’ve pushed the reset button and the ol’ machine’s finally back up and runnin’.  Woohoo!

Kimmi and myself are on board this week with eleven great tracks for y’all, all of which from in and around our great Chicago.  Included this week is a band from (Chicago Acoustic Underground host)

Michael Teach’s managing portfolio,


Goodbyehome with a great acoustically driven track, “Apache Hotel”.  You’ll also hear from Juzt Nutz, the funny guys who are kicking off show #1 and a track from Gold Motel, the fantastic new project of Greta Morgan (formally of The Hush Sound).

We’re also on the lookout for more tunes – head over to the Insomnia Radio submit page to send us your tracks (just remind them it’s for IR: Chicago) and then drop us an email at chicago [at] insomniaradio [dot] net.  We’re especially looking for tracks to use for a new intro jingle, and if you fancy producing some little in-between jingles for us we’d LOVE you. (you know, “This is -so and so- and you’re listening to Justin and Kimmi on Insomnia Radio Chicago” or something like that.)

Anything else you wanna say to us?  Comment on the site and keep in touch!  As for the rest of the shownotes…

Insomnia Radio Chicago Episode 1: Insomnia Radio Chicago Reboots!

  1. Song :: Album :: Artist
  2. Milk :: Juzt Nutz
  3. Don’t Send the Searchlights :: Gold Motel :: Gold Motel
  4. Singularity :: Country of Origin :: Elisabeth Blair
  5. Fess Up, Face Down :: Master of Stars and Broken Arms :: Blane Fonda
  6. Big Old, Fat Old Man :: What Would We Wear Were We Werewolves? :: Athens
  7. Black :: The Damn Choir
  8. I Will Remember You :: Jamilya
  9. Apache Hotel :: The Troubles :: Goodbyehome
  10. There’s A River :: Phil Circle
  11. Static Waves :: The Ladder :: Andrew Belle

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Have a great week!  We’ll see you in a few.

~JW and Kimmi


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