Francis: I Was Never Bored At All

A man once said: “To say that you know what Francis is about without having experienced it face to face is like saying that you’ve had sexual intercourse when you actually only have seen porn”.

The area of Dalarna in Sweden have one of Europes least hours of sun and it is dark and cloudy most days of the year. That affects people in many ways. Ways that need an outlet. So a couple of childhood friends found an abandoned cellar which contained an old piano, some other instruments and that particular outlet. After having lent a broken recording equipment the song “Bad to the Bone” was born and recorded at the same time. The tasmanian devil of Francis was given birth. Later the song was released as a single by the Swedish label Gravitation.

Since then, the circus of Francis has taken place in everything from churches, living rooms and festivals to illegal clubs and amusement parks. A self-titled EP has been recorded and will now be followed by the bands debut album, early 2010. [via Musebox]


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