Lizards From Afar: Block Party

Last time LFA were on the Daily Dose I got some of the details wrong, so this time I’ve asked them to write their own introduction:

Being old guys, the Lizards From Afar still think in terms of albums, and they intended Block Party as the conclusion to their 2008 reunion effort “Bloomington Democracy.” Written by LFA lyricist and one-time bass player, Gator (all Lizards From Afar have Lizard stage names), Block Party is one of our favorite compositions as a band.

Unsigned and unfettered to the corporate music industry, Lizards From Afar continue to record music on their own at glacial speed, all for a new collection entitled “Copyright Is For Losers” (named from graffito LFA guitarist, the Gecko, found near his Brooklyn apartment in 2009).


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