The Jazz June: Viva la Speed Metal

Originally released in 2000, Philadelphia’s THE JAZZ JUNE has digitally released the LP ‘Medicine’ this last December via IODA and Universal Warning Records.

The Jazz June started their eight year run in 1996 in a small town in Pennsylvania named Kutztown. The 5 of them all met at Kutztown University and started playing shows in basements and garages throughout the city. The band took favorite aspects of indie rock, punk and post hardcore (with obvious Dischord influences) and made it their own.

They reunited a few years back for some benefit shows to help generate money for their long time friend and dedicated roadie who had developed a severe form of brain cancer. As far as their status today, we can surmise that they aren’t active but have been separately involved in different projects like ‘The Lows’, ‘Wake Up Dead’, ‘Snakes & Music’, ‘Ready to Rip’, as well as a solo project by guitarist Bryan Gassler.

The best place to keep tabs on them these days appears to be MySpace.


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The MedicineThe Jazz June
“Viva la Speed Metal” (mp3)
from “The Medicine”
(Universal Warning Records)

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