AMPed #218

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No Insomnia Radio: UK Show this week, but I did host AMPed #218, below are the Show Notes.

Plenty of Insomnia Radio references in the show, of course. Submissions from myself and Jason, as well as submissions from Rodrigo who is the new voice of Insomnia Radio: Portugal, and Erk who’ll be hosting Insomnia Radio: Australia

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Mon, 15 February 2010

This week’s host: Stuart Morrison from Insomnia Radio:UK

Show: Eclectic Mix
Song: Science in Violence.mp3 (The Rifles)

Show: Erk FM
Song: Wild Eyed Boy (Birds of Tokyo)

Show: Insomnia Radio:UK
Song: Trailer Park On Mars (The Pocket Gods)

Show: Cowboy Cantor
Song: Slipped Away (The Morning Stars)

Show: Audio Gumshoe
Song: Wishes (David E. Watson)

Show: Insomnia Radio
Song: Blow (Shayna Zaid & The Catch)

Show: The Bugcast
Song: Little Girl (Black Circles)

Show: Suffolk And Cool
Song: Don’t Stop (Patrick and Eugene)

Show: Kimmi & The Metal Deli
Song: Angel (Sik)

Show: Kimmi and the Rock Deli
Song: Radioman (Fae)

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