Insomnia Radio #168: Minty Rock

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Jason locks into his classic groove (which is to say he’s overly verbose and kinda silly) with 10 killer tracks, and…Not one, but TWO major announcements the likes of which we haven’t heard since those “old-timey” days of IR.

So slap on some headphones and enjoy an hour of the greatest music you’ve never heard…and the familiar rantings of the executive insomniac.



10 Reasons Insomnia Radio Exists (The playlist of awesome)

  1. Quiet Company: It’s Better To Spend Money…
  2. Picture Me Broken: Dearest I’m So Sorry
  3. Can’t Hang: Wait A Minute
  4. The Authors: Hesitation (FREE ALBUM ALERT!)
  5. The Paparazzi: The Rococo Tape
  6. I Fight Dragons: No One Likes Superman Anymore
  7. Dewey Decibel: Ice Farmer
  8. Tonight Alive: Wasting Away
  9. The Bay State: Liars
  10. Eels: On My Feet

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