Insomnia Radio #167: Reboot Everything

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Insomnia Radio APPROVED!Jason Evangelho returns to the captain’s chair full time for 2010, leading Insomnia Radio into its 6th year of the fight against corporate radio crap.

Nope, we’re not pleased with last decades biggest selling single. . .

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10 Reasons Insomnia Radio Exists:

  1. eEnik: Animals At Play
  2. Acres of Lions: Knowing Your Own End
  3. zSammy: W
  4. The Perms: Running Away
  5. Deadstar Assembly: Killing Myself Again
  6. Full Minute of Mercury: Next to Me
  7. The New Fidelity: Miss You Like You’re Dead | Facebook | Twitter
  8. The Morning Stars: Oh No, No, No | Sarah’s Album Review
  9. The Fling: Wanderingfoot
  10. The Krush Kills (Thunderhawk): Capricorn


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