I Fight Dragons: No One Likes Superman Anymore (live)

I Fight DragonsIf you’ve ever played old console videogames, notably the Nintendo, and you happened to walk by a live performance by Chicago’s I FIGHT DRAGONS, no doubt you would instantly gravitate toward the sound by the overwhelming curiosity of discovering how this live retro-arcade full band sound was being pulled off.  Upon entering said venue, you would see a six-piece group of rock heroes incorporating six NES game controllers into their live stage performance along with your traditional instrumental setup; not to mention the inclusion of old gaming power pads, zapper guns and more.

Having just ended their recent tour victoriously, I FIGHT DRAGONS have recently had the chance to send out this live track from July’s performance at the Metro in Chicago to their fan e-mail list. Naturally, we jumped at the chance to feature it here on the live feed.

Kick back, enjoy the retro-onslaught and let the flood of chiptune bleeps & bloops take you back to a more carefree time.