Saviours: We Roam

From Oakland, CA, Saviours deliver a sharp burst of shredding, riffing metal for today’s Daily Dose with ‘We Roam’, from their newest album Accelerated Living.

Saviours “Saviours have made the necessary adjustments to deliver the goods with revitalized rage and the smell of burnt blood in the air around them. The sludge of previous efforts is all but vanished, replaced with forged steel riffage, Austin Barber’s ragged vocals, and precise, metallic authority. New lead guitarist Sonny Reinhardt (ex-Watch Them Die) pushes the band into furious, locked in riffing, making that Motorhead-meets-Exodus-meets-Born Again-era Sabbath crossover record, the one you always dreamt of, a threatening reality. Full, thick production courtesy of Phil Manley (The Fucking Champs) opens up Scott Batiste’s drums and Cyrus Comiskey’s bass to the volleys of war.” [IODA Promonet]

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