The Lights Out: Five Seventeen

From Boston, MA, The Lights Out are:
Rishava Green (lead vocals, guitar)
Jesse James (drums, vocals)
Adam Ritchie (lead guitar, vocals)
Matt King (bass, vocals)

The quartet cranks out the perfect soundtrack to a bank heist: breakneck, anthemic pop-rock, with a barrel of catchy choruses and melodies stickier than the High Life coating their sneakers by the end of every practice. Behind a stacked wall of intricate four-part vocal harmonies, The Lights Outwrites songs about bounty hunters, guys getting killed by volcanoes – and love.

The Lights Out released two EPs in 2007 and 2008, and upped the ante with its first full-length album, “Color Machine” in late-2009. [Bio]


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