Slaraffenland: Long Gone

SlaraffenlandSlaraffenland is Danish for “the land of milk and honey”.

Based in Copenhagen, Slaraffenland found its final formation in 2002: Christian Taagehøj, Mike Taagehøj, Bjørn Heebøll, Niklas Antonson and Jeppe Skjold. They expertly expanded on the guitar-bass-drums standard with brass and woodwind instruments, various racket-makers, and transfixing gang vocals. Many of them childhood friends (and Mike and Christian identical twins), they’ve spent years developing a sound that conjures everything from avant-garde to melodious addictive rock to haunting unison vocals.

“We’re On Your Side” is the third full-length album from the group. It is without doubt their best and most accessible album yet. Lovers of eccentric beauty and artists like Broken Social Scene will find a new favorite in Slaraffenland.

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We're On Your SideSlaraffenland
“Long Gone” (mp3)
from “We’re On Your Side”

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