Samuel James: Cryin’ Blind

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Today’s Daily Dose gives you some soulful blues to end the working week. From Samuel James, with the track ‘Cryin’ Blind’ from his album For Rosa, Maeve and Noreen.

Samuel James “James’ musical lineage stretches back to immediate post-slavery. His grandfather (b. 1890) played guitar in contemporary blues styles of the era. James’ father was a professional pianist, and trombone player. Samuel learned to tap dance at five, learned piano at eight and toured the Northeastern circuit professionally by 12. Samuel lost his mother the same year and spent his teens in foster homes. At 17 he reunited and rekindled a relationship with his father.

Samuel James fully discovered his musicianship after a young woman broke his heart. He booked a flight to Ireland figuring the gray and rainy climate would match his mindset. Short of funds to make it home, he learned harmonica from local street musicians. Collecting enough change to make it back to Maine, he gave up a nascent painting career and dove head first into the guitar…

Live, Samuel James includes some older material in his set, and when playing a song created by a previous blues master he truly makes it his own. His stamp of originality is evident in every song he picks. Clearly the historical torch is being passed to him from today’s elder masters and yesterday’s originators. Does that make him authentic? Let the listener decide if that is even the question. Samuel James is the most relevant young blues artist to come our way in quite some time.”

[Piedmont Talent]

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