Tealights: Exit

Their debut EP will be released on on Sept. 29

Tealights TEALIGHTS is an indie-electronica band with classical infusions founded in June 2008. Early into its conception, the band found itself experimenting with vox harmonies, electronic beats, live drums, synths, pedals, keyboard, guitar, bass, cello, flute, melodica, and bells. Mary’s luminous brand of vocals twined with Nancy’s delicate, droning tone sets the perfect balance for Tealights. To accentuate Mikey’s electronic brilliance, Brett creates another dimension using gadgets and live drums.

Tealights began debuting their sound locally in September 2008 and have grasped comparisons to the likes of The Cranberries and Portishead. They have since graced the stage as opening acts for the Octopus Project, Parenthetical Girls, the Evangelicals, Starfucker, and Asobi Seksu. In March 2009, Tealights officially released their demo. The official debut EP entitled Take Us By Sea will be released on Sept 29 at the Drunken Unicorn, followed by an east coast tour in October and southwest tour in November.


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