Men Who Listen: Pay Me No Mind

From their debut self-titled album released in June 2009

Men Who listen MEN WHO LISTEN was formed in 2007 by Dan Pokorni on the heels of his solo release, “Guitarscapes.” Teaming up with top Chicago-area session players, drummer Patrick Doody and bassist Bill Harrison, the trio started making demos. Later in the year, Gary Loizzo (Styx’s producer) agreed to come on board behind the console, and the MEN WHO LISTEN sound started to come together — a sound in which the SONG comes first. Using elements from rock, pop and blues styles, MEN WHO LISTEN is poised to take you a on a musical journey – and the journey has just begun.

The band’s debut CD was released in June of 2009. MEN WHO LISTEN promises to stimulate and stir audiences wherever their songs are heard.


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