U.S. Royalty: Every Summer

From their forthcoming EP Midsommar (due for release on August 25th on 7″ vinyl and digital download),we bring you ‘Every Summer’ by Washington DC band U.S. Royalty.

U.S. Royalty “U.S. Royalty are the newest sonic ambassadors to emerge from the storied streets of Washington, D.C. The band was born in late 2007, birthed from the lifelong musical collaboration of brothers John and Paul Thornley. With the additions of drummer Luke Adams and bassist Jacob Michael, U.S. Royalty became reality.

They crafted their initial set of songs in an abandoned trailer in rural Maryland, honing in on a sound assuredly contemporary but deeply steeped in the resonance of the most powerful and enduring sounds of the twentieth century. After just a handful of transcendent live shows their accession to the throne of the D.C. scene was confirmed.” [Engine Room Recordings]

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