Sharon Lang: Hedonist


Sharon Lang started playing music the day her brother Dave taught her how to play a two-chord guitar sketch. Since then, she has sailed the musical ocean of her mind learning the currents and waves and range of her talent until setting harbor here for a time. Hailing as lead singer of local groove and acid-rap band The Janissary, Lang has complimented her mysterious nature by presenting a whole other facet of musical capability.

Sharon Lang - Lovers and Thieves The much anticipated release of her solo album, Lovers and Thieves (Digital release July 1 2009), is a showcase to her demure yet candid femininity. With her velvet vocals, mischievous lyrics, and an instrumentation capable of teasing you into bed, Sharon Lang has gone far beyond the expectation of her trip-hop roots and emerged a female performer prepared to allure her listeners with bona fide tunes.

Accompanied by friends and fellow musicians Lyndsay Pruett, John Depriest, and Josh Minyard, Lovers and Thieves is a simple, no-frills portrayal of Lang’s experiences both before and during her time in Nashville. Inspired by the unique community of artists, lovers, gypsies, dreamers, saints, and sinners that occupy this fair city, it truly expresses a love of first-class effort and sincere dedication to all things that are good.

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Lovers and ThievesSharon Lang
“Hedonist” (mp3)
from “Lovers and Thieves”
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