Jets Under Fire: Like Waves, Like Sea

ep1coverHere’s a band from Austin, TX that is not only tech savvy (a necessary trait for ALL indie bands now) but creates incredible music and gives it away for free, including their two releases EP1 and EP2. There’s no excuse not to gobble up their tunes and spread the word.


Ranging from tender to anthemic, Jets Under Fire’s sensibility and melodic, piano-driven style will definitely garner them comparisons to brit sensations like Keane, Travis, and the Verve. However, the band’s music is also shaped by Smashing Pumpkins, The Beatles, and the Beach Boys. That being said, just one listen to their third release, Kingdoms, makes it obvious the band is informed by their influences, not confined. Built around Jason Poe’s emotive vocals, Jets Under Fire’s songs are unflinchingly introspective and penetratingly beautiful. [bio]


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