Signal Hill: Stunning Clarity

Signal HillLos Angeles instrumental outfit Signal Hill is back with a new album as of June 11th, twelve songs and 61 minutes of universally understood tracks without the vocal interjection that occasionally takes away from the artistry when the songs are played outside the realm of the band’s native tongue.

We recently featured a few tracks from their self titled debut called “This New Years Absence”, and “Standby Sir”, and listened to several new songs they sent us before we settled on this gem of a track “Stunning Clarity”, from the newest “More After We’re Gone”.  Its a languid yet beautiful song that slowly unwraps over the course of about five minutes, really helping this listener clear his head, refocus and tackle all of the tasks at hand this evening.

All “More After We’re Gone” orders from include an immediate digital download of the 12 track album in Premium 320 kbps MP3 or FLAC (highest audio quality available) formats.

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