Fabulous Hats: Trance

From Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada

Fabulous Hats Neil Dobson was a regular on the Toronto club circuit for years with various original bands. “I go back a ways in Toronto, we played Larry’s Hideaway a lot -such a classic venue- I met Joe Strummer in there one time…”

And now this…Fabulous Hats !! . “Well I like a lot of styles of music and the “Fabulous Hats” name comes from the old saying “He wears many hats” . I guess musically, I like to wear a few..”

The Fabulous Hats’ debut CD features twelve originals with a classic rock vibe, almost as though it is an artifact from a lost 1970s recording session with Gram Parsons and Keith Richards with Dick Dale chiming in on the odd track.


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