Josh Woodward: Go

From the album The Simple Life

Nobody could accuse Josh Woodward of being a lazy songwriter. After releasing two CDs at once in August 2007, he announced a hiatus from live performing and headed straight back in to the studio to start working on more music. The result of intensive songwriting sessions over six months, “The Simple Life” is really two full-length CDs in one. Part one (tracks 1-11) is based in a lighter pop-rock style, with catchy tunes featuring electic instrumentation not always typical to the genre. Part two (tracks 12-22) is a return to his roots, filled with lyrical acoustic music in his distinctive style. [Artist Bio]

Found by Melissa Morrison (AKA MissIRUK) who wrote “Give it a listen. It won’t kill you… unless you have an allergic reaction to Indie Pop…”


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