Arden: A Slow Spiral Geoffrey

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Hi! We’re Arden. Basically, we’re a group of friends that enjoy writing, recording, and performing music together from Baltimore, MD. We’ve all been around music in some capacity for years, whether it be studying it in school, playing in other projects/bands, or just jamming with friends. Music is something that seems to just keep each of our motors running, while we fly through the ups and downs of young adulthood. It is a wonderful experience.

Arden currently has one EP out, called “The Pursuit,” which was released in May of 2007; however, we are currently working on some new music that really has no release date as of now. We will probably release one song at a time, until we feel comfortable enough to put together an entire collection of songs on one cd.

The new music is very different from the material that we presented on “The Pursuit,” although that EP is still something we are proud of. As you are reading this, you are probably listening to our song “A Slow Spiral Geoffrey.” Geoffrey is a song that more accurately represents the direction our band is heading in.

We really hope you enjoy the music, whether it be new or old, and if you were a big fan of the older material, we sincerely hope you follow us down this ever changing and expanding musical journey that we are living. Either way, there should be something for everyone.

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