Insomnia Radio #165: Homecoming


Hey gang! I can’t accurately express the myriad of feelings (including anxiety & excitement) I experienced leading up to this episode, nor the overwhelming sense of completion and contentedness when it was finished. Over the past 18 months my life has run the gamut of changes, but Insomnia Radio has soldiered forward thanks to Charles, Stuart, and the rest of the gang. Because of them, I’m able to grab the mic once again and rock the music I love for the world.

I had aspirations to record a gigantic, super-produced episode that would be a marathon of awesomeness, but instead I’ve opted to stay the course and serve up some killer indie music with my trademarked non-professional rambling in between

One more thing to mention: This ain’t no guest hosting gig 🙂 Now kick back and enjoy the show…



13 Reasons Insomnia Radio exists:

(“Welcome Back Kotter” a capella intro by After Dark, out of Trinity College in Hartford, CT.)


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