The Watermarks: R.A.Y.

From their EP I Will Still Be Wishing

I Will Still Be Wishing “If Phil Spector made an album with Jesus & Mary Chain and New Order it would sound like The Watermarks.”

“Imagine rock, pop, and electronics creating a wall of sound where melody is the main character. That is perhaps the best way to describe The Watermarks’ music.”

Fans of both rock and electronic music The Watermarks effortlessly bridge the gap between the two genres. The band began out of a desire to re-inject life and fun in the music scene today. Their search is one to make music they really love in their hearts. Along the way, they have found a sound that is fresh and modern, but at the same time familiar. Perhaps the best way to categorize their music is Electro-Pop-Rock, but the band would rather not be placed under any category, because their best weapon is diversity.


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