Miss Morrison’s Mixtape #1

Sarah Morrison brings you Miss Morrison’s Mixtape #1, a song from every independent artist and band reviewed on Miss Morrison’s Mix for Insomnia Radio. Most of these tracks were IR Daily Doses and they’re all completely free and legal, so make copies, burn CDs, share with your friends and spread the music around! And don’t forget to show the artists some love!

They are giving away free music after all, so if you like a song let them know – drop them a message, buy a CD or a tshirt, go to a show, just let them know they’ve got a new fan. Because we all know music tastes better when it’s free, but musicians still have to eat!



Playlist and MySpace Links

1. Waves – Can You Say
2. Eureka Birds – Oh! My Dear
3. L’Avventura – Here’s to Absent Friends
4. Lemonwilde – Just This Ashtray
5. In Isolation – The Wrong Girl
6. Christopher Marc – Here Is The City (Chicago)
7. Inside View – Judas
8. Her Vanished Grace – Slip Away
9. MorningSide – Alone In Your Grave
10.The Morning Stars – Slipped Away
11.The Winter Sounds – Trophy Wife
12.Venice Is Sinking – Ryan’s Song