The Bloodsugars: Purpose Was Again

cd_bqepWe last featured The Bloodsugars on Insomnia Radio #112, waaayyy back in a time known as January 2006. We were floored by the organic, infectious hooks of “Bloody Mary” and the gang definitely have not abandoned their sophisticated but catchy songwriting chops.

Their latest offering is a 6 song EP (for only 5 bucks!) on Engine Room Recordings called “BQEP.” To be frank, it kicks ass so go buy it.

To put things more succinctly, tracks like “Purpose Was Again” contain unexpected and wide-ranging melodies, piano flourishes, and production that sits somewhere between Neil Young’s “Mirror Ball” and old school Weezer. Crooner Jason Rabinowitz shifts effortlessly from strong tenor into buttery smooth falsetto (fans of Coldplay and Winter Sounds: you’ll be right at home here) and I can’t say enough about the solid and creative musicianship of every band member.

The Bloodsugars offer up pure power-pop with indie sensibilities, but it’s also a mature, layered sound that gets more intoxicating upon repeat listens.

We can’t stress enough how amazing this group is. Go support em.


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