Shadows on a River: Hunting While Waiting

Shadows on a RiverFresh back from a trip to Hangzhou China and beyond, Chicago musician David B Henson has sent us a handful of tracks from his upcoming debut 12-song LP slated to be untethered in May.  The spaceman adorned album is dubbed, ‘Shadows on a River’, a self-titled release from the project of the same name.

The few tracks we heard from this brilliant introductory effort contain musical hints of Elliott Smith, Pink Floyd, Thom Yorke, and even Peasant’s folk stylings – and all the while David drifts near it all on his own shadow-splashed soundscape, “reminded of his own impermanence, that music isn’t life or death; we float through existence and are only as tangible as water or the absence of light”.

The song ‘Hunting While Waiting’ was put together with help from his friend Joey Lemon, with beautiful cover art by Camm Rowland ( and with mastering by TW Walsh (


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