In-Flight Safety: Big White Elephant

In-Flight SafetyIn-Flight Safety soars to great heights with their latest, we are an empire, my dear. Last winter, the Halifax based four-piece took to the proverbial woods and recorded in Fox River, Nova Scotia with producer Laurence Currie (Sloan, Wintersleep). The result of their seclusion is a 12-track collection of royal and poignant pop songs.

Currie temporarily relocated from Toronto to the sleepy village’s old schoolhouse, joining the crew –John Mullane (vocals/guitar), Brad Goodsell (bass), Daniel Ledwell (guitar/keyboard) and Glen Nicholson (drums) – to create we are an empire, my dear.

Converting the schoolhouse’s ballroom into a live room and hallway into a makeshift control room, the group left just enough living space to keep cabin fever at bay during three merciless blizzards.

Perhaps it was the late night domino games, mini-stick hockey matches, all-hour writing sessions or the friendly townsfolk who randomly popped in, but this wintry venture set the tone for an album rich in beauty, instrumentation, politic and heart.

In-Flight Safety has crafted an auditory call to arms. In these seemingly ambiguous times, the fever to connect to one another is fierce. we are an empire, my dear explores this terrain through the lenses of wealth, greed, love, faith and humanity’s ability to change. The musical mapmakers shared their latest findings via their label, Night Danger, as of January 2009.   [The Musebox]


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