A Classic Education: Stay, Son

A Classic EducationAmongst four blazing nights between Xmas 2006 and the year of 2007, A Classic Education recorded 3 songs in the middle of the mountains of centre-north Italy. Jonathan Clancy, Paul Pieretto & Luca Mazzieri played a myriad of instruments, adding layers over layers, to create a dense orchestral ecstatic liberation of their souls. Most off all this was done at night, wind blowing and dogs outside barking away. For one short moment “The Blazing World” is what glued everything together…a second later it was just A Classic Education.

Other people help A Classic Education by adding their magical touch. Federico Oppi played his drum kit loud and other bits of percussion, Vittorio De Marin his violin, cello and viola expertise. Davide Cristiani from the Bombanella studios recorded this whole damn mess!  [bio]

An EP of the group’s first six songs as a band is now available at their website, put together at Saff Mastering in Chicago, with artwork by Ester Grossi.

A Classic Education will be visiting the SXSW 2009 music festival on Thursday March 19th.  You can catch them at Spurs on 7th St at 9pm.


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