Balmorhea: San Solomon

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BalmorheaBalmorhea, pronounced Bal-moor-ay, has always been Rob Lowe and Michael Muller from Austin, Texas, but have recently added four more players to the lineup, on violin, upright bass, cello, and drums respectively.

Drifting amongst the hazy heat and hopeful longing of “San Solomon,” their music captures the indescribable feelings of living and growing in Texas. Mirroring the vast Texas skies, Balmorhea’s music is imbued with a visceral weight and endless space.

Balmorhea self-released their first album, self-titled, in April 2007 and followed up with this album Rivers Arms in February 2008. Balmorhea have toured the US three times and recently completed a third full-length album called “All is Wild, All is Silent”, with a street release date of March 10th. Check them out at SXSW in Austin on March 19th at Club 119 – 11pm.

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Rivers ArmsBalmorhea
“San Solomon” (mp3)
from “Rivers Arms”
(Western Vinyl)

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