Obscured By Clouds: Soft Cheeked & Worried

From the just-released album “Psycheclectic” by Portland Oregan Band Obscured By Clouds

Obscured By Clouds steps out from behind all veils, preconceptions, or limitations here. This new music is a very eclectic amalgam holding potential for an introspective journey waiting for discovery. The entire album has an intriguingly measured intensity throughout. Each song yields to the subconscious undertow of lyricism and wafting effects as “The Drip Feed” theme trails throughout each segue, within the very psychedelic cross-faded cinematic imagery of each new song. Come and check out this mysterious connection that awaits, and entrust yourself and your ears to the humble Pyscheclectic Records legacy requiring an above average attention span.  



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Obscured By Clouds
 “Soft Cheeked & Worried”(mp3) 
from “Psycheclectic” 
(Psycheclectic Records)

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