Esquimaux: In the Night

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WolfBaltimore & Silverlake based collaboration Esquimaux is back with their second EP “Wolf” within the animal named EP set of Tiger and Wolf; the track “In the Night” placed on this upcoming project, due for February release.  Its a slight sound departure from their last endeavor, with this track swimming through my head alongside the experimental sounds of Ratatat and Bjork, although containing its own unique sweet indie sensibilities.

Wolf and Tiger were meant to originally be released together, or at least within the same year as they are meant to compliment and contrast each other stylistically and thematically. Tiger and Wolf are totally different beasts, if you will, all the way down to how Esquimaux recorded them: Tiger- totally analog, professional studio experience with Steve Albini at the helm, and Wolf- totally digital, home studio recordings. However, both are mastered by the same guy, both have cover art from the same person, and both are obviously from the same band.

What ended up happening was that Esquimaux ran out of money with the economic downfall and the way they went about producing Wolf changed from being a stylistic choice, to a necessity bound by financial constraints – only those constraints prohibited the release a little longer than they had hoped.

*The band name comes from the film Heathers (1989) in which Christian Slater’s character decides on one word to define Heather Duke’s motivation for suicide (as it appears in her favorite book, Moby Dick): esquimaux.

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