Bloomsday Rising: Heir to the Throne

Bloomsday RisingReleased under a Creative Commons License, San Franciso’s Bloomsday Rising is back with their 2008 release “Unlocked” a five song EP, issued completely free, under the “pay what you want”, guilt absolving model they released their previous album under.

Previously known as just Bloomsday, BR has been a favorite here on the network for the past few years, and you may have heard their earlier songs, “Ramona Pt. 2” or “Ghost Ship” played quite often. We are happy to say the new EP also delivers strongly, presenting the new quality songs in the great storytelling tradition that worked out so beautifully on the previous release, “Rattle the Windows”.

Heir to the Throne is the closing song on the 5 track EP and can be downloaded for free at their website or over at Amazon as a generous donation to their cause.   Don’t forget to check out their new HD video as well.


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