Xylos: In The Bedroom

From Brooklyn, New York, this is from their 2008 EP Bedrooms,which you can download for free from their web site.

New York-based pop band Xylos (a variation of the founder’s last name) began as Eric Zeiler’s lyrics. The wordsmith then recruited vocalists Aaron Mendelsohn and Nikki Lancy to sing his songs for a five-track EP, Bedrooms. Originally a solo project, Zeiler decided to round things out, inviting two more musicians to join the group; drummer Mike Greenfield and bassist Monika Heidemann. The quintet captured the hearts – and ears – of the Mercury Lounge crowd at their first show a few weeks back. At times upbeat tropical, at other times methodic downtrodden (and always textured), their music spans a vast spectrum, perfect for multiple personality listeners – and lovers. 

[The Deli]


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