Myshkin’s Ruby Warblers: Cory Joe

Myshkin's Ruby WarblersMyshkin has been touring non stop for over a decade, became an underground legend in her old home town of New Orleans, has released seven records, and been honored with awards and much critical praise.

She has played clubs and festivals from London to Melbourne, and collects more fans worldwide with each gem of a record. A rare intelligence and dark humor inform her song writing, her voice is one in a million and she picks a mean guitar.

Myshkin’s Ruby Warblers are based in Portland, Oregon and include Sailor Banks on bass and Jesse Brooke on drums. []

The song ‘Cory Joe‘ was released back in 2002, and we wanted to shine the spotlight on this track here at IR so others could also discover the beauty that we had discovered just a few short years back. You can pick up this track on the release “Rosebud Bullets” at their website and CDBaby, or individual tracks at iTunes and e-music.


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