Bankrupt: Sidewinder

From their 4th Album/EP release, Rocket To Riot City

Bankrupt have mostly been known for their Ramones / Descendents influenced melodic punk tunes so far. Now they have returned with the five roughest, angriest, and most energetic songs of their career, incorporating elements of Dwarves-style rockandroll punk, and punkabilly (from The Living End to the Peacocks) in their renewed sound to reflect the changed
atmosphere around them.

“Panic at the fireworks, riots on the streets / We’ve traded in reality for some shattered dreams” No-one has captured the essence of Hungary’s past few years as perfectly as Bankrupt on their new release, Rocket To Riot City. Once the eminent country of the former Eastern Bloc, Hungary has become the sick man of Europe facing economic and political crises, and suffering the roughest riots of its recent history. Hence the title of the album, and the above quote from “Years of Disasters”.


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